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Status regarding the ECF and CaniX UK ban

If you support the work CaniX UK have done over the past 7 years in the UK, and the past 5 years in Europe, please sign the petition below against the actions of the ECF. If you attended the European Championships in Cirencester you will have first hand knowledge of the event and not need to read the comments below to sign the petition. If you are unaware of the circumstances and would like to support and sign the petition, below is irrefutable video evidence to prove ECF allegations against the Cirencester European Championships, organisers, stewards and volunteers are false, unfounded and should be disregarded.

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The ECF do not run events. They diarise a date once a year for all European countries to come together and compete. The ECF are not the governing body for the sport of Cani-Cross/Bikejor in the UK or any other country in Europe. Any European country has the opportunity to host an event. The sole reason for the ECF existing is to diarise this date as the central point of contact. The ECF DO NOT contribute financially, DO NOT sponsor and DO NOT assist in the running of the event.

The evidence suggests JP Talbot (ECF President) came to the 2012 ECF Championships in Cirencester with the sole intention to find fault, generate and create problems. When he could not, he incited people and invented problems.

Further evidence, regarding history, costs and correspondance between the ECF and CaniX UK/CaniX UK Technical Committee can be viewed HERE.

ECF: allegation
CaniX UK: response

ECF: During the ceremonies, Eileen Cook kept on glorifying Canix and their representatives in the microphone. It is deplorable that there was (hardly) no translation into French (one of both official languages of the ECF) and that French was not respected during the speeches.

CaniX UK: Lies - Eileen Cook was thanking the many members of CaniX who had given their time to make this event possible - not glorifying CaniX. There were 2 people standing next to Eileen translating every word into both French and German at both the opening and closing ceremonies.

ECF: Banal entertainment = economy.

CaniX UK: With these two words you have insulted the entire United Kingdom. The Welsh Male Voice Choir is the pride of Wales and to have had them at our event was a major compliment to the lady who organised the entertainment. You have also insulted the little children who are a professional dance troupe and did a magnicifient Irish traditional dance and the school of Irish dancers who performed beautifully. The Scottish piper and English Sea Shanty band are again professional entertainers. The Sax Quartet take part in the Young Musician of the Year awards and are a highly proficient quartet.

In the 5 years the UK have attended the ECF Championships, no other country has laid on such a varrried, professional evening of over 2 hours worth of entertainment each evening.


ECF: No fresh water in the bowls/shells for the dogs. The bowls/shells emptied, the water became rare and got transformed into mud, but has not been replaced.

CaniX UK: Below is a video of JP Talbot (in red) pointing at a dog lying in one of 6 large bowls of water, with a full spare 25L container to the side. Both M Pieko (Head of ECF Technical Committee) and W Charmillot (ECF Treasurer) are also in the video standing next to water bowls. These were replaced several times throughout the day. As has been reported, there was mud at the event, I'm not sure how you prevent the water becoming muddied other than replacing it after each dog had a swim, but there were several small water bowls available which the dogs could not lie in that had clean water.

In comparison, below is a photo from an event run by JP Talbot (seen on the start line in other photos HERE) and the Belgium Federation at Hofstade on 18/11/2012. By the look of the bikers, it was muddier than Cirencester, and the water the dog is drinking does not look fresh to me!

ECF: Insufficient signposting : it was not in keeping with the requirements and rules of the ECF.

CaniX UK: 264 athletes did not get lost - the sign posting was exactly the same as all ECF championships. We don't use arrows in the UK they were brought in especially for the championships to comply. The ECF Technical Committee were taken around the course at 10pm on Saturday evening in one of the 4x4s (that you say did not exist) to check the signs and course - and made no changes.

ECF: There has been no permanent rescue service. The firemen stayed on the spot for about one hour on Sunday. Unless it was hidden, nobody noticed the presence of any Red Cross station. A young female competitor collapsed, and was rescued by other competitors.

CaniX UK: You again have no fact, we know the person who collapsed and her mother is the cardiac nurse who was with her instantly. The competitor was actually suffering from a virus, nothing to do with running.

Our risk assessment did not require full time cover from the fire station they were there on our invite to spectate. They also attended on Wednesday during set-up to check fire precautions and positioning of hydrants should they be called to a fire at the venue.

You must get your facts correct first JP Talbot before you make these liableous accusations. We had to satisfy and provide evidence to the Ambulance Service, Public Protection department, Health & Safety department, Envireonmental Health department, Planning department, Police, Fire Service, Highways Authority, that our Event Management Plan and Risk Assessments were achievable and realistic before Cotswold District Council would issue licences for camping, alcohol and entertainment, food and the event itself. This took 6 months, 2 Event Safety Advisory Group meetings and a 50 page Event Management Plan to satisfy the Council.

We complied and satisfied all regulations set out by the government regulations and the Purple Guide. We had over 16 qulified first aiders on site organised by an A&E Doctor and a military paramedic. Two of our team were qualified to land helicopters. Our risk assessment also had to have a major incident plan in place should the whole venue need to be evacuated.

The first video below shows one of the first aiders helping a lady off the course back to the finish following a twisted ankle.

ECF: Absence of emergency vehicles,

CaniX UK: We had two 4X4 vehicles and a quad bike available 24 hours a day. The first video shows the quad on the course, in the second video you can see both the quad and the white 4x4 in the background, the 4x4 Range Rover can also be seen on the course in other event footage. The Range Rover was used to transport the ECF Technical Committee around the course at 10pm on Saturday evening.

ECF: and too few officials/supervisors on the circuit (on the first day, one single official on the circuit). A Swiss athlete accidentally fell : mountain-bike broken. He remained 55 minutes on the circuit without any intervention. What would have happened if the athlete had been hurt when falling (burst spleen – fracture) ?

CaniX UK: There is no medical record of this. We had no major accidents, only 2 minor incidents. Both had vets and doctors on hand immediately. There were marshals at key points, but you cannot marshal every inch of a course. In most circumstances a runner crossing the finish line will tell you if there is a competitor in difficulty - why did this not happen? The marshalling provision at Cirencester was no different to any previous Championship.

ECF: Very late posting up of the results, later than the schedule imposed by the ECF rules (sometimes three hours after the race of a category) and incomplete (all the categories were not posted up) : it was as a consequence impossible for a competitor to lodge a protest within the due time period.

CaniX UK: Lies - results were posted on the info board/trailer the minute they were avaiilable after each class finished. The Bikejor Master Female II was the only result not posted and overlooked and was rectified in 5 minutes once we were notified. Why does a competitor need the results to post a complaint, if he has a complaint, make it 30 minutes after the race as per the rules.

ECF: No board was showing the way to the vital places of the organisation: technical commission – race direction – first-aid station – etc…

CaniX UK: Everyone who came on site was issued with a free printed leaflet detailing all this information, this was also included in the camping pack given to every camping unit, available in a leaflet dispenser on the infomation board trailer, main entrance and marquee. A large map was also on the info board/trailer. Everything happened in the main marquee (as published on website in the programme 1 month before the event and posted on the info board/trailer). The main marquee was enormous you could not miss it (30m x 20m - see photo below) and had someone sitting there at all times to answer questions.

ECF: During the ceremonies (opening and podiums), the ECF representatives (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of the Technical Commission) were not invited on the official podium. They were not entitled to speak. They did not give out the medals. To put it in other words, they were deliberately excluded from any ceremonial activity.

CaniX UK: The medals were given out by Sir Edward Horsfall Chariman of the Cotswold district council, a local dignitary is required by the ECF statutes. Chapter 28- "the organising country will ensure that the award ceremony which is part of the championships, taking place immediately after the publication of the final results. The athlete should be rewarded now. This ceremony is definitely a strong part of the championships, should take a solemn aspect (e.g. medal by the mayor, a former champion or public figure". This does not state that ECF Board should hand out the medals and I do not remember this happening at previous Championships.

ECF: The dogs were not allowed under the tent for the podium ceremony.

CaniX UK: they were all on the stage as can be seen from the video. We could not allow every dog in as there would have been no room. I don't recall seeing all dogs in the tents in any other country, only podium dogs. There is also health and safety and fire risk to everyone bringing their dogs in.

ECF: Following stormy protest with threats of boycott, solely the access of the « podium dogs » was finally admitted.

CaniX UK: there were no stormy protests or boycotts that we know of, more lies to incite.

ECF: The medals rewarding the « podium » athletes were banal (cheap charms) = economy.

CaniX UK: Your opinion, we loved the dog heads and London Olympic mascots. The medals in Hugnary were plastic.

Every competitor received a souviner T-shirt and water bottle in their welcome pack.

ECF: The ECF flag has never floated on the site, neither outside, nor under the tent.

CaniX UK: We were not aware that it had to. The stage was decorated with flags of all the nations that competed. See videos from opening and closing ceremonies below.


In Poland 2011 (photo below) the stage looks very similar to the stage at Cirencester - Polish Flag taking centre stage, flags of competing countries and numerous sponsors logos. The ECF flag is nowhere to be seen.

ECF: The tent was not heated. The people were frozen = economy.

CaniX UK: Please note people in the tent in Cirencester were in T-shirts.

We were all frozen in Belgium and, no carpets on the floor like in Cirencester to keep warm, Belgium stage was so far away no one could hear anything and the entertainment was poor and very disapointing. Poland had no heating (see photo below) and it was minus temperatures, we could not feel our hands and still had a long walk through a foriegn town in the pitch dark to get back to our warm vans.

ECF: When you arrive in Cirencester, nothing points out the event and no sign boards show the way to the place where the Championship took place. Most of the competitors turned « 20 times » around the city and the close countryside: this is an obvious lack of respect towards the foreign athletes.

CaniX UK: At the entrance to the venue we errected a 1m x 2m double sided sign that could not be missed. Sat nav co ordinates, maps and directions were published on the website months in advance for all to plan their journey and all Heads of Federations were invited to come to the Spring General Assembly and report back to their teams.

There were no sign posts to any of the previous Championships, we used our satnavs and found our own way, some events had tiny obscure signs.

ECF: Richard Cook says he is going to invoice to the ECF the rent of the tent for Thursday (+/-€ 1500) while the mounting as only completed Thursday evening. As a consequence, it would have been impossible to hold the GM in the tent ! = dishonest.

CaniX UK: More lies JP Talbot. The marquee intended for the GA was erected for 1pm. It was the 6x6 marquee that you can see on the left of the main marquee in the photo below - with tables and chairs ready for the meeting. Petr Toncar and Georg of Germany and the UK Techncial Team were in the tent at 1pm waiting for the meeting. The big marquee was never intended to be used for the GA.

ECF: The ECF logo does not appear on any document or poster. It was replaced by the « CanineMAX » logo.

CaniX UK: The ECF logo appears on:

On the ECF European Championships website, the CanineMax logo only appears on the front page to advertise other activities to competitors. On every other page it only appears as a small button in the menu bar.

The full set of event videos can be purchased from Chillpics Event Photography

Click the yellow button in the box below to sign the petition - it is free to sign. Please include your name, anonymous entries will be removed.

For translation of the petition text CLICK HERE